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Pandit DHANESHWAR SWAMI JI is award winning world renowned vedic indian Astrologer,love psychic healer,tarot card reader, spiritual healer does accurate readings over the phone. Astrologer has a experience of 15 years .

Gemstone Specialist

Gemstone Specialist - People are using gemstones to cure the illness or some people use gemstones to get success and good life. The gemstones are known for the capabilities to absorb the specific planetary radiations, and thereby, protect the native from the probable problems related with health, finance, family, business/profession, social status, etc. Different gemstones have different impacts or results; and the gemstones influence not only the thoughts and deeds of the people wearing these, but also the whole body of these people. That's why before wearing a gemstone a person is advised to consult an experienced astrologer so that stone can't harm you in any way using negative energy.

Famous Gemstone Specialist Astrologer Dhaneshwar Swami Ji

Our gemstone specialist Astrologer Dhaneshwar Swami Ji of global approbation suggests wearing of any gemstone after extensive and meticulous observation of the birth chart of his each client.Things considered while making the observation and analysis are the location and nature of the planets in the chart, the transit of planets, good and bad effects of planets, good and bad Yogas of astrology, etc. Besides suggesting the gemstone most curative or beneficial, it also provides advice regarding the best time to wear the gemstone proposed on the specific finger, the most appropriate metal for the pedestal ring, and purification mantra and energizing process and to be well executed before wearing the ring set gemstone.